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Jobri Better Posture – Classic Kneeling Chair Review

Research has shown that office workers who spend their day seated in a regular office chair tend to be more susceptible to developing poor posture and lower back pain than those seated in office kneeling chairs. The lack of mobility and constantly leaning the head forward to type on a computer or write on a desk are factors that have a great bearing on a person’s posture. The chairs found in most offices are not ergonomic, thus aggravating the situation further. Health providers now recommend that the best way to tackle these problems is to use ergonomically designed chairs that help you to sit in a position that ensures lumbar support. Kneeling chairs have proved to be ideal for aiding good posture and preventing back pain.   Jobri Better Posture - Classic Plus Kneeling Chair


The modern kneeling chair incorporates advanced ergonomics yet ancient ritual. Centuries ago, Tibetan monks meditated on simple seats (known as ‘seiza benches’) that tilted in a forward direction. They could maintain this sitting position for hours as they meditated comfortably.

The modern ergonomic kneeling chair has been designed according to the same ancient principles that allowed the monks to sit comfortably for hours on end. The kneeling position was found to play a key role in reducing chronic lower back pain and muscle sprains, while promoting good posture.

The 1970’s saw the design of modern variations of the kneeling chair, notably led by Christian Mengshoel and Peter Opsvik.

 About the Manufacturer

Jobri LLC is a company that specializes in manufacturing ergonomic as well as orthopedic products. The company was established in July 1997, and has its headquarters in Konawa, Oklahoma. It was co-founded by Jonathan Hulme, Brian Gourley, and John Biddle – three men who left the marketing and medical manufacturing industry after seeing a gap in the orthopedic and ergonomic niche market.

Jobri has years of experience in the ergonomic products market. They have designed and manufactured a variety of kneeling chairs, back supports, massagers, neck supports, footrests, and a range of orthopedic soft products. Jobri also offers its clients design and manufacturing services for private label products. They have set up a distribution network that reaches across three continents – the United States, Europe, and Asia Pacific. Jobri deals with a diverse group of retail stores and health care companies. The company has managed to make major acquisitions that have boosted its brand to include thousands of products. The companies that presently sit under the Jobri umbrella include Accu-Back, Bay Jacobsen, BetterBody, Mor-loco, and Feel Good Furniture.

Product Information

Formerly known as the Wood Accent, the Jobri Classic Kneeling Chair is a wooden chair designed to help the user sit up straight in a comfortable position and maintain an ideal posture. The seat is designed to encourage the user to sit with their hips tilted forward and their torso aligned. This position keeps the neck, shoulders and back straight, which results in improvement of the user’s posture and also eases lower back pain.back pain at desk
The sloping angle of the seat and knee supports open up the body angle, which result in the user’s weight being transferred from the spinal area to the shins. This relieves pressure from the muscles of the lower back. It also improves breathing, digestion and blood circulation in the body.

To get the best out of the Classic kneeling chair, it is advisable that users do not sit down for extended periods of time, especially office workers. The product may be ergonomic, but like any other chair, it is advisable that you get up and stretch from time to time in order to relieve pressure from the shins.



The Jobri Classic Kneeling chair covers an area 19 inches wide by 23.5 inches long. With a seat size of 16 inches wide by 12 inches long, it provides more than enough room to accommodate just about anyone. The cushions that provide support for the knees are 18 inches wide by 9.5 inches long, which ensures that the user has an adequate support area for kneeling on for extended periods.

This Classic model weighs about 14.5 pounds when delivered. This is lighter than  other kneeling chairs, and is a result of a wooden frame being used instead of steel. The light weight makes the chair easier to carry and move around. The manufacturer’s recommendation is that the maximum weight placed on the chair should not be more than 250 pounds.


The Jobri Classic kneeling chair is made from a teak wooden frame that gives it an executive and classy look. It may look different from most of the other Jobri kneeling chair models, but its frame slightly resembles the Standard model. The main body is made from a thick and strong wooden frame, thus providing the necessary stability when sitting. The frame has a scissor-like design, and the front and rear base supports have soft nylon castor wheels attached to each corner. This gives the chair an element of mobility. Please note that it does not come with the option of a back rest.

Manual Height Adjustment

The Jobri Classic uses a manual adjustment system to raise and lower the height of the seat. The height of the seat is a strong factor in determining not only the level of comfort of the user, but also the ergonomic alignment. Taller users need to raise the seat higher in order to fit their legs underneath the chair, while shorter users might have to lower the seat to ensure that they are comfortable and do not place too much stress on their knees.

The seat can be adjusted to a maximum height level of 29 inches and a minimum height level of 25 inches. This is made possible through the use of an adjusting wheel which can be rotated clockwise to lower the height of the seat, or rotated counter clockwise to lift the seat higher. This range of adjustment is enough to ensure that the user has enough reach when sitting at a computer or writing desk.

Since this chair uses a manual height adjustment system, the process of raising and lowering the chair can be quite cumbersome for those users who prefer the easy-to-use Gas Lift or pneumatic adjustment system.

Sitting Angle & Height

The slope of the seat is also adjustable, and can be manually altered to any angle between 16 degrees and 41 degrees. Thus the user is able to choose their preferred angle of sitting. One thing about the Jobri Classic Kneeling Chair is that the slope of the seat and tilt of the knee pads are not independent of each other. Adjusting the tilt of the seat leads to a corresponding change in the tilt of the knee supports. This makes adjusting the angle of tilt quite tricky for some people.

Tall users who happen to be over 5’ 8” might have difficulty sitting on the chair due to the distance between the knee supports and the seat. Though adjustable, it is still too small for tall people who might not have enough leg room to enter and exit the chair easily.


The seat and knee supports are padded using 2 inch polyurethane foam which provides the user with a comfortable surface to sit and protects the knee joints from too much stress. The foam is covered with a strong upholstered black fabric that protects the chair from excessive wear and tear.

 Assembly and Construction

The Jobri Classic Kneeling Chair is delivered with the parts packaged separately. However, it can be assembled quickly and with ease. The instructions and assembly drawings provided in the one page manual are straightforward and no technical skills are required to put together the chair. The manufacturer provides a list of all the parts necessary to assemble the chair. It is recommended that the customer check the packaging to ensure that all the parts listed are in the box prior to starting the assembly. Since this chair is made from timber, it is essential that all the parts are fixed and screwed in properly to prevent injury to the user or damage to the chair.

In terms of the construction of the chair, the body frame is composed of two wooden sections; one section supports the seat and the other supports the knee pads. The timber section supporting the seat has a long vertical slot that enables the second section to pass through. A long pivot pin is used to tightly attach the two sections together, thus forming a frame that looks like an ‘X’. The height adjustment support is attached to the underside of the seat via a long pivot pin, which is then attached to the knee timber section supporting the knee pad.

One issue that has been reported is that some screws tend to get loose as time goes by, which means they have to be re-tightened regularly.

Mobility and Maneuverability

The Classic Kneeling Chair comes with four soft nylon castor wheels that are attached to the front and rear supports at the base of the frame. The wheels enable the chair to be rolled from one end of a desk or cubicle to the other. Its mobility also helps when de-cluttering a room, as the chair can simply be rolled under a desk.

The chair is not really maneuverable around its base as it cannot swivel around. This severely limits the user from turning around and forces them to move with the whole chair. On the other hand, the fact that the Classic is a non-swivel chair means taller people can fit better in the chair.


The Jobri Classic Kneeling Chair is available in a teak wood color that gives it an executive appearance. The seat and knee pad fabric are made from black upholstery.  The black upholstery is the only color option for this specific chair.


The price of the Jobri Classic varies from vendor to vendor. However, the product manufacturer sells it for $299, including shipping. Compared to the diverse styles of ergonomic chairs in the market, $299 is a reasonable price to pay. There are a number of vendors that stock this product at different prices. Considering the ergonomic benefits that this chair provides and the quality of the construction, it is worth it.

Warranty info

Every purchase of the Jobri Classic kneeling chair comes with a 5 year warranty for the wooden frame, castors, the moving parts, and the adjustment mechanism. The fabric used to cover the seat and knee pads has a separate warranty of 2 years. A warranty card is provided within the packaging. It has to be filled in and returned so that the chair can have full coverage in case of any malfunctions or damages. These damages will only be covered by the manufacturer if they are manufacturer defects, not intentional or negligent damages. Misusing the chair in any way will result in the damages not being covered by the manufacturer.

My personal Pros and Cons


  • The height of the chair can be adjusted to suit an individual’s preference.Pros and Cons
  • It is fitted with castor wheels for added mobility. The user can move from one work station to another.
  • The seat has a large angle of adjustment, which gives users a bigger range of maneuverability.
  • The chair is easy to assemble and comes with drawings/instructions that are straightforward.
  • The polyurethane cushions provide maximum comfort for the knees.
  • The muscles of the back and abdominal are strengthened.
  • Improves body posture.


  • The height can only be adjusted by manual means. This can put off users from buying the product.
  • The knee pads and the seat are too close to each other, even after adjusting the width to its maximum level.
  • There is no independent adjustment of the seat or the knee pads. Changing the angle of one causes the other to also change.
  • The screws tend to loosen often, thus requiring regular tightening.
  • The chair is not designed to swivel around. This forces the user to move the whole chair when talking to someone on the side or rear.

Questions or Comments?

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