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Jobri Better Posture – Review of the Solace Kneeling Chair

There are a variety of ergonomically designed chairs that are now being used in most offices and homes to help people maintain a proper posture while seated for extended periods of time; One good example of an ergonomic chair is the kneeling chair. There is a general consensus that having a poor seating posture can actually do a lot of damage to your lower back and neck muscles. The increasing cases of neck strain and chronic spinal injuries are proof of the effects of adopting bad posture while sitting for long periods of time without movement.

Jobri Better Posture - Solace Kneeling ChairA.C. Mandal, a Danish surgeon, was the first to report on the benefits of sitting on a chair that is tilted forward. He discovered that a kneeling chair could reduce lower back pain and preserve the lumbar region’s natural curvature. He used mathematical calculations to find an angle of tilt that would produce maximu
m benefit to the body.

The development of modern kneeling chairs can be traced back to the 1970s in Norway, where Christian Mengshoel designed a chair that would help maintain the ideal posture and provide adequate comfort for the back. There have also been others who have contributed to the evolution of kneeling chairs, such as Peter Gilings Junior and Peter Opsvik.

Jobri – About The Manufacturer

The manufacturer of the Solace Kneeling chair is known as Jobri, a company that designs and manufactures ergonomic products. It has its headquarters in Konawa, Oklahoma, just one hour from Oklahoma city. The company has years of experience in the ergonomic product market, and they are always looking to add new specialty products to their wide range of products. Apart from kneeling chairs, Jobri also manufactures massagers, footrests, neck supports, back supports, and other items.

Jobri serves customers in the United States as well as internationally. They have a wholesale network that spreads from South America to Europe and Asia. Jobri has been expanding over the years, acquiring other companies such as BetterBody, Bay Jacobsen, and Accu-Back.

 Product Information

The Jobri Better Posture Solace was formerly known as the Deluxe. It is similar to the Jobri Standard, but has extra features that make it more advanced. This particular model is designed to resemble a regular office chair, but has a forward-tilted seat that opens up the upper body angle to ensure proper posture is maintained. The knee supports are also tilted back, and this reduces the lower body angle. Consequently, the angular tilt of the seat and the knee pads create the ideal spinal alignment that ensures comfort, a natural posture, and prevents lower back pain. This ergonomically designed chair has a mechanism for height adjustment, which is an important ergonomic factor for users who want to raise or lower the seat accordingly.

This particular model is suited for short-term sitting sessions that require you to be upright. For office workers who spend their whole day in a sitting position, it is not recommended that it be used continuously for more than one hour. It is important to always get up every hour in order to stretch and reduce pressure on the shins.


The Jobri Better Posture Solace Kneeling Chair is 20 inches wide by 24 inches high. The seat measures almost 20 inches in width, which should be enough room to accommodate most users. The kneeling support is composed of a single pad instead of two separate knee pads. The width of the kneeling cushion is 17 inches – this might be too narrow for users who want to sit with their knees away from each other.

The Solace Kneeling Chair weighs in at 20 pounds upon delivery. This chair can support a weight of up to 280 pounds due to its sturdy steel frame.

Frameergo checklist

The Jobri Solace kneeling chair is manufactured using a sturdy black steel frame attached to nylon castors. The steel frame provides the necessary strength and durability to make sure that the chair lasts as long as possible. The seat and knee supports attached to the frame are designed to slope at an angle that encourages proper spinal alignment.

The Solace is constructed around a 5-star base that is 27 inches in width. The 5-star base gives the Solace a sophisticated look, which differs from other kneeling chairs that use metal, wooden, or X-bar frames running along the ground. The 5-star base enhances the mobility as well as stability of the Solace kneeling chair.

Pneumatic Height Adjustment

Jobri has designed the Solace Kneeling chair in a way that allows the height to be adjusted pneumatically.  A gas lift lever is located on the right side of the underside of the frame. The lever is used to raise and lower the seat to suit the user’s preference.  The maximum adjustable height is 27 inches, with the lowest height being 22 inches. This wide range in adjustment is an important ergonomic factor because it gives users the option to adjust the height according to the size of the person using the chair.

Sitting Angle

The slope of the seat cannot be adjusted. The angle of tilt is fixed by the manufacturer which means the user cannot change it to suit them. In some cases, this can be uncomfortable because it can lead to the thigh muscles being strained.

The slope of the seat is very steep, which is great for spinal alignment. However, this may cause problems for some people who may inadvertently slip forward due to the steep incline. This may bring about added strain being placed on the shins.

Comfort and Ease

The Solace Kneeling Chair has been designed to primarily provide support from the seat of the chair with extra support from the shins. This ergonomic style helps to spread the weight of the body between the thighs and the knees, resulting in less pressure being placed on the spine, lower back, and leg muscles. The forward tilt of the seat also contributes to the maintenance of the spine’s natural curvature. All this makes sitting on the chair a comfortable experience.

The Solace also provides its users with comfort when it comes to the seat cushions and knee pads. This being the basic model of the Solace chairs, the seat is fitted with 3 inches of polyurethane foam. The knee rest is made from a 2.5 inch layer of molded polyurethane foam to protect the knees from excessive stress. The padding on the seat and knee supports has a cover made from strong black upholstery.

There is an optional back support available for an extra $65. This can be quite beneficial for beginners who are just starting to use ergonomic kneeling chairs. It enables the user’s back to get used to sitting without a back support. The issue some users might have with the back support is that once it is fixed in place, it cannot be moved forward or backwards, which is important for users who are engaged in active work.

poor desktop postureColor

The manufacturer has designed the Solace Kneeling Chair in only one color, which is black. Buyers looking to purchase a kneeling chair with a bit more color might have to go for other Jobri models.

Assembly and Construction

Jobri has done a decent job in making sure the assembling steps and drawings in their one page instruction sheet are simple to understand. One crucial thing is that you have to ensure that all the parts listed in the instruction sheet are provided in the packaging. Take an inventory before starting assembly. The manufacturer does not go into great detail with their step-by-step assembly instructions, but a brief summary of the steps can be found below:

  1. Step one – Take the 5 castors and attach them to the five-star base. Then insert the gas cylinder into the base.
  2. Step two – Take the kneeling tube and screw it into the kneeling pad. Use four of the mechanism screws provided to assemble the kneeling cushion. After that, take four more mechanism screws and insert them through the kneeling tube and secure them to the underside of the seat cushion. Don’t bother tightening the screws now. When all the required screws have been used to attach the mechanism beneath the seat, tighten all the screws. Using the Allen wrench and washers provided, position the seat height adjustment knob via the mechanism and into the seat.
  3. Step three – Attach the base to the underside of the seat and screw together.

These instructions have assumed that there is no backrest. In case you have decided to purchase a back rest then the assembly steps would change slightly, as follows:

  1. Step one – Same as (a) above.
  2. Step two – Take the washer and the knob to be used for height adjustment, and insert them into the back rest post. Then attach the steel plate to the back rest post and plastic holder using 2 screws. Ensure that the ‘up’ on the steel plate is on the inside. Finally, cover the steel plate with the plastic cover.
  3. Step three – As (b) above. Then slide the back support tube and its plastic cover under the seat, and screw it into the mechanism.
  4. Step four – As (c) above.

Mobility and Maneuverability

The Jobri Solace Kneeling Chair has been designed for mobility as well as maneuverability. The five-star base attached to the upper frame eliminates the threat of the user tipping over in case they lean forward too much. It also makes it easier for the user to enter and exit the chair. The Solace is manufactured with castor wheels attached to the bottom of the 5-star base, thus enhancing mobility of the user and enabling the chair to be moved around the office. The chair also has the ability to swivel around. This is perfect for users who sit in front of the computer all day as it allows them to turn around the workstation to face different directions. The freedom of movement that the Solace provides is critical key to its ergonomic attributes.


The Jobri Solace Kneeling chair has a retail price of $249, less shipping fees. This is definitely a realistically priced chair, considering the quality. The ergonomic value should also be considered
here, and that definitely makes the Solace worth every penny.

ProsPros and Cons

  • The height of the seat can be raised or lowered to suit the comfort of the user.
  • The height is adjusted pneumatically, which is less cumbersome than the manual system.
  • Exiting the chair is simple; just place the feet on the floor and walk out.
  • It is easy to assemble due to simple and straightforward instructions.
  • The castor
    wheels enhance its mobility around the room.
  • The chair can swivel around, enhancing the user’s maneuverability
  • An optional back rest is available. This will benefit users who are getting used to sitting without a back support.
  • The ergonomic design helps in maintaining proper lumbar alignment and prevents development of lower back pain.
  • The strong steel frame enhances the durability of the chair.
  • The thick padded seat and knee cushions provide necessary comfort.
  • Forward tilt of the seat boosts blood flow, digestion, and breathing.


  • The short span of the knee rest may be too narrow for people who prefer to have their knees far apart when sitting.
  • The angle of the seat and distance from the knee pads is not adjustable.
  • The backrest provided is fixed in its position and cannot be adjusted backwards or forwards.
  • The small space between the knee rest and the seat may discourage users who are over 5’8” tall.
  • It is only manufactured in one color, which may put off some buyers who prefer the option of variety with regards to decor.


Warranty info

Jobri offers its customers warranties that are extensive. A warranty card can be found inside the packaging of the product, accompanied by the instructional
manual. The customer is supposed to

fill in the card and return it to ensure that their product is fully guaranteed. This is a quick process that should not be omitted because the warranty is voided if the card is not completed and sent back to the vendor. Proof of purchase might be needed so it’s a good idea to retain a copy of the receipt. The manufacturer provides customers with a 5 year warranty for the moving parts, structural components, castors, and base parts. The fabric that covers the seat and knee pads has a 2 year warranty. The warranty covers defects that the manufacturer is liable for, not normal wear and tear of the product. Poor use or deliberate damage to the chair is also not covered.

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