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Jobri Better Posture – Solace Plus Chair Review

The Solace Plus kneeling chair is one of the many ergonomic products manufactured by Jobri LLC.  Jobri is an Oklahoma based company that specializes in designing ergonomic and orthopedic products. Their products are not just sold within the US; Jobri has managed to create a network of distributors worldwide.

Established in July 1997, Jobri has been involved in a lot of research and development of ergonomic products that provide comfort for the neck and back. Jobri has years of experience in the development of knee chairs, back supports, footrests, massagers, neck supports, etc.  Jobri has been expanding at an increasing rate over the years through its acquisition of several companies that are also involved in ergonomic product development. These include Mor-loco, Feel Good Furniture, and BetterBody. The company is run by John Biddle, Brian Gourley, and Jonathan Hulme.

Jobri has acknowledged the modern day office lifestyle which includes the fact that we spend most of our waking hours at work sitting in front of a computer. We now spend longer periods of time sitting than ever before. This has resulted in an increase in cases of lower back and neck pain resulting from the poor posture adopted while leaning forward at a desk. The fact that we hardly move around also has a bearing on this. The office chairs that are used in most offices do not help the situation at all because they are simply not designed to help you develop the ideal posture. The answer lies in using a chair that helps you adopt good posture, while providing you with active movement. This is where the Jobri Better Posture ergonomic kneeling chair solves the problem in the office world.

Solace Plus

The Jobri Solace Plus kneeling chair is designed with a seat that slopes forward and knee supports that are tilted backwards. This creates a sitting position that opens up the angle between the pelvis and knees, and reduces the angle of the lower body. This accords the pelvic and back muscles more space, which helps relieve back aches. The tilt function encourages active sitting, which a conventional chair does not.Jobri Better Posture - Solace Plus Kneeling Chair

The Solace Plus makes the user’s thighs lean forward and lowers the knees, which then causes the shoulders, back, and neck to become aligned. This spinal alignment helps to ensure that the correct body posture is maintained when sitting. With an upright posture and proper body balance, the abdominal muscles become stronger. The thigh muscles also stay loose instead of being under tension. The ultimate result is that lower back pain is avoided, circulation of blood to the lumbar discs is improved, and the body occupies a naturally comfortable position. The height of the seat can also be adjusted to fit the height of the user. This is important to ensure that a person is comfortable while sitting and that the knees and shins are not placed under unnecessary stress.


The Jobri Solace Plus is 26 inches long, 22 inches wide, and 27 inches in height. The seat cushion is 16.5 inches by 14.5 inches, providing adequate room to accommodate most users. The cushion for the knee support measures 16.5 inches by 9.5 inches, and is designed as a single pad and not two separate pads. For users who prefer to sit with their knees apart, this knee pad might not be wide enough.

The Solace Plus Kneeling Chair weighs about 28 pounds, which is much heavier than most of the other Jobri kneeling chair models. This attests to its strength and durability. The Solace Plus has a weight limit of about 280 pounds, a capacity that can accommodate most users.


The Solace Plus is made from a strong steel frame that provides adequate strength and support for all users. Considering the large weight that it can carry, the manufacturer has made sure that the steel frame can handle the stress and strain.

The frame of the Solace Plus Kneeling Chair is held up by a five star base, which spans about 27 inches. Unlike previous versions of kneeling chairs that had x-bar frames or steel/wooden supports, the five-star base gives this chair a modern appeal. It also offers an element of stability, as the chair has very little chance of tipping over if the user leans forward too far.

Gas Lift Height Adjustment

One of the main factors considered when assessing an ergonomic chair is the adjustability of the height of the seat. Jobri has made sure that the height of the Solace Plus is adjustable, thanks to a gas lift mechanism. They have attached a lever on the right side beneath the seat so as to enable the seat to be raised or lowered, depending on the height and comfort of the user. The range of adjustability of the seat height varies from a maximum of 27 inches and a minimum of 22 inches.


Jobri manufactures the Solace Plus in only one color, and that is black. The fabric that covers the seat and knee pads is the same as that of most of Jobri’s kneeling chair models, though some models like the Jazzy come in a variety of colors. The monotone color might be a concern for some users who prefer variety, though black can match any décor.price tag


The Jobri Solace Plus kneeling chair can be purchased for about $299, excluding shipping fees. This is an appropriate price for the Solace Plus, considering the features and the quality and comfort it provides. It may be available in only one color, but that doesn’t take away the value it has in terms of encouraging good
posture and preventing back pain.

Comfort and Ease

The Solace Plus kneeling chair is designed for comfort. The chair enables the user to sit without hunching forward over the desk, thus ensuring that proper posture is maintained.

Though the Solace Plus resembles the standard Solace kneeling chair model, the main difference is in the foam cushion used. The Solace, being the basic model, is fitted with regular polyurethane padding. However, the Solace Plus has a seat that is padded using 3 inches of polyurethane foam and then topped up with 1 extra inch of Visco-Elastic Memory Foam. The knee supports of the Solace Plus are also padded with 2 inches of polyurethane and a 1 inch layer of Visco-Elastic Memory Foam. The manufacturer has covered both the seat and knee padding with a strong and durable black fabric.

Visco-Elastic Memory Foam

Memory foam is simply polyurethane foam that has been combined with certain chemicals in order to enhance its density and viscosity. The advantage of using Visco-elastic memory foam on the cushion of the seat and knee pads is that it tends to soften when in contact with heat from the body, which allows the foam to mould itself to the body part. This enhances the user’s level of comfort and minimizes stress on the knee joints. The memory foam also recovers its original shape faster than normal polyurethane. If a different user wants to use the chair, the indentation of the previous user will not be seen.

 Assembly and Construction

The Solace Plus kneeling chair is delivered with a one-page manual that contains clear instructions and corresponding diagrams. The diagrams help to give a visual description of how the chair is put together. Prior to assembling the chair, it is advisable to confirm whether all the required parts and components are in the package. There is a parts list on the instruction sheet that lists all the components needed. Outlined below is a brief step-by-step guide to the assembly process:

assembly imageStep 1 – Fit the five castors to the 5-star base, and then attach the gas cylinder to the star base.

Step 2 – Take the back support post and insert the height adjusting knob with its washer into it. Screw the steel plate onto the back support post and its plastic cover. Then use the plastic cover to wrap the steel plate.

Step 3 – Using the screws provided, attach the kneeling tube to the kneeling pad. Make sure that you use the four mechanism screws provided to set up the kneeling pad. Once that is done, insert four other screws through the other end of the kneeling tube and attach them beneath the seat. The screws can be tightened when you are done assembling, so just secure fix them in place. Once the mechanism beneath the seat cushion has been fitted appropriately, tighten all the screws. Attach the height adjustment knob to the mechanism on the underside of the seat by using the washers and Allen wrench provided. Finally, slip the back post into the mechanism beneath the seat and secure accordingly.

The above instructions can be used in instances where a back support is being used. However, if there is no back rest, simply ignore the steps concerning the back support and proceed as indicated.

Mobility and Maneuverability

The mobility and maneuverability of the Solace Plus is provided by the well-designed five star base and the castor wheels fitted to the bottom. The five-star base makes it quite easy to enter and exit the seat. The castor wheels ensure that the user can move from one work station to another with relative ease. The frame can also swivel around its axis, thus enabling the user to turn to different directions, which also boosts their reach.

Ergonomics of a chair is all about freedom of movement, and the Solace Plus is designed to keep the body moving even while sitting. The positioning of the knee pad enables the user to adopt different positions that keep the blood circulation flowing and reduces musculo-skeletal tension. For instance, a person could decide to sit with one knee resting on the pad and the other foot on the ground. This is great because it offers multiple seating options throughout the day.

My Jobri Better Posture Solace Plus Review

Pros and ConsPros for the Solace Plus

  • The instructions for assembling the chair are simple and easy to follow.
  • The height of the seat can be easily adjusted using gas lift lever.
  • An optional back support is available.
  • Large seat size provides adequate room for sitting.
  • Visco-elastic memory foam is used to provide long-term comfort and provide added support.
  • Utilizes an ergonomic design to help maintain proper posture and prevent lower back pain.
  • Padded polyurethane cushions help to reduce lumbar and knee strain.
  • The five-star base design enhances mobility around the office.
  • The swiveling capability enhances reach and maneuverability.
  • It helps to develop the core muscles.

 Solace Plus Cons

  • The screws holding the knee pads in place loosen over time and require regular tightening.
  • The distance between the seat and the knee rest and the seat is tiny and cannot be adjusted, making it potentially uncomfortable for taller users (5’ 8” or more).
  • It is only available in one color.
  • The five star base designs can be a problem for tall users. The user’s legs get caught up in the wheel rungs when sitting, rolling, or swiveling.
  • The knee support consists of a single pad instead of two separate ones, and its width is too narrow.

 Warranty Information

Jobri products are usually well covered in terms of warranty. The seat and knee rest fabric come with a two year warranty. The frame, star base, casters, moving parts, and all structural parts have a five year warranty. The important thing to remember is to fill in the warranty card that comes inside the product packaging. The customer details have to be completed and the card refeedback imageturned to the dealer. Jobri guarantees cover for manufacturer defects, not damage caused deliberately or through misuse of the chair. Typical wearing of the chair due to age is also not covered.


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