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Jobri Better Posture – Standard Kneeling Chair Product Review

The Standard Kneeling Chair is a product designed and manufactured by Jobri LLC, a company headquartered in Konawa, Oklahoma. Jobri, which was founded in July 1997, designs a variety of ergonomic products suited for improving posture and general well being. Through its research and development team, Jobri has managed to develop a variety of special products, such as orthopedic goods, ergonomic chairs, neck supports, back supports, and a variety of sleep products. Jobri has established a distribution network that spans medical firms, home health-care wholesalers, and retail distributors all over America, Europe, and Asia. The Standard Kneeling Chair is just one out of many ergonomic kneeling chairs that Jobri manufactures.

The ChairJobri Better Posture - Standard Kneeling Chair

The Jobri Standard Kneeling Chair is an ergonomic chair that is designed to provide its users with a way to sit comfortably, with a posture that allows the spinal discs and back joints to align correctly. This is made possible by adjusting the height of the frame. The frame can be raised or lowered, therefore enabling the angle of the seat to be increased or reduced. The slope of the seat is
what then determines the angle between the pelvis and the knees. The Jobri Standard kneeling chair creates an ideal situation where the angle between the upper body and the hips is increased, while the angle between the hips and the calves is reduced. Therefore, with the hips leaning forward, the user is able to maintain a proper posture when sitting during long work hours. The forward tilt of the chair also ensures that there is proper alignment of the neck, back, and shoulders when sitting. This way, blood circulation is enhanced and lower back pain can be prevented.

From the way it has been designed, this model is more of a static chair. This means that the user is able to adjust the height to fit their preferred position, but other than that, the chair remains in a static position. The Jobri Better Posture Standard is considered to be an entry level kneeling chair. This implies that it is suitable for people who are just beginning to use ergonomic kneeling chairs to improve their posture or reduce back pain. Its premise is helping you to sit upright in a natural and comfortable manner.



The Jobri Standard Kneeling Chair has a weight of roughly 17 pounds when delivered. This is on the lighter side when compared to some of the other steel-framed kneeling chairs Jobri manufactures. The chair can therefore be easily moved around the office or home. The seat has an overall width of 18 inches and a depth of 13 inches. This is definitely more than enough room to accommodate most people, as it offers adequate space for both movement and clothing. The cushioned knee pads measure 6.5 inches by 11 inches.

In terms of weight capacity, the Standard Kneeling Chair can bear a maximum of 280 lbs, which means it can carry an average sized person and then
some. People who are a bit on the heavier side are usually not recommended to use kneeling chairs anyway, so it shouldn’t be an issue.


The Standard Kneeling chair is manufactured using a steel frame which is black in color. Steel is a good material for this chair as it guarantees strength and durability. The frame of this chair is constructed like a pair of scissors, which explains the height adjustment mechanism. At the bottom of the frame are front and rear parallel supports. Each corner of the parallel supports is fitted with a castor wheel for mobility.

jobri_logoThe frame does not have back support so that through the design of the seat itself, the user is encouraged to maintain the proper spinal alignment. This aids in development of core muscles.

 Manual  Adjustment

The Standard Kneeling Chair uses a manual system to raise or lower the height of the chair. People who work on multi-level surfaces in an office will benefit from the ability to raise and lower the height level. The height can be adjusted using a sloping vertical support mounted at the back and secured to the seat. There is an adjusting wheel that is fitted to the sloping height adjuster. The small wheel raises the chair up when turned counter clockwise, and reduces the height of the seat when rotated clockwise. The height of the adjustment is between 21 inches – 28.5 inches, which gives the user quite a large range to work with according to their height. Taller people naturally will require more room for their legs so a greater height would suit them.

Seat Angle

The seat and knee supports are tilted at an angle that provides enough room for the hip muscles. Since the hip muscles are connected to the back muscles, any tension placed on them ends up causing lower back pain. This angled nature of the seat thus reduces the pressure on the lower back and keeps the posture erect.

On the other hand, the Standard kneeling chair does not offer the user the option of adjusting the angle of the seat. Both the sitting and kneeling angle are fixed. The only way to increase or decrease the slope of the seat is by raising or lowering the height of the chair.


Though the design of the Jobri Standard kneeling chair is commendable, this chair is only available in one color – black. This may not appeal to some users who prefer to have a wider range of color options, especially when it comes to decors.


The Jobri Standard Kneeling Chair retails for $179, less shipping costs. This is a pocket-friendly price when compared to other kneeling chairs in the market. Its reasonable price does not mean it is low quality, but it could be due to the fact that the Standard is the most basic version in the Jobri kneeling chair range.

warranty 2Warranty info

Jobri offers its customers a five year warranty that covers the seat and frame, the casters, and all the moving parts. The manufacturer also provides a two year warranty for the seat fabric. In order for the warranty to be valid, however, the buyer must fill in the warranty card that has been provided in the packaging and return it to the vendor. It is also advisable to retain a copy of the receipt in case you need to go claim the warranty. Jobri guarantees that problems which arise from manufacturer defects will be covered by the warranty, but any intentional misuse of the product or normal wearing of the chair is not covered.

Comfort and Ease

The style of the Standard Kneeling Chair provides incredible comfort, as the sitting design neither pulls the user forward nor forces them to lean over their desk. The knee supports have been designed and positioned in such a way that the user is able to keep moving. A user may choose to adjust their position by placing one knee on the support while positioning the other foot on the floor. Thus the hips can be relieved of strain due to the freedom of motion, which is one of the key factors in ergonomics.

The seat cushion is made from a strong and durable polyurethane foam which is 2 inches thick and covered with a black fabric. The knee cushions are similar in design and finishing to the seat cushion. The knee padding also provides comfort especially when kneeling on the chair for long periods of time.

Mobility and Maneuverability

The Jobri Better Posture Standard Kneeling Chair is fitted with castor wheels at the corner of each of the front and rear parallel supports. This enables the user to move the chair easily around their work station. This also makes it easier to roll the chair under a desk when not in use, thus reducing clutter in the room.

On the other hand, the chair does not have any swiveling capabilities, which makes it difficult to turn in either direction. This also forces the user to position their work in front of them to avoid straining the back twisting and turning. The only benefit of this feature (non-swiveling) is that it allows more adjustment in the distance between the seat and the knee supports.assembly

Assembly and Construction

The Jobri Standard is not difficult to assemble. The drawings and instructions that come with the packaging are easy to read and understand. The manufacturer provides a one-page instruction sheet that contains the parts list and drawings that help in figuring out how the parts attach to one another. It is important to go through the instruction manual thoroughly prior to assembling the chair. All the parts listed must be accounted for in the packaging otherwise the chair might end up not being assembled in a safe and secure manner.

A brief summary of the assembly instructions is provided below:

Step 1 – Fit the four castors to the bottom of the parallel base supports of the frame.

Step 2 – Use four screws to attach the adjustable tube (piston) to the steel plate on the underside of the seat support. Then screw the other end into the knee pad support. The piston has to be inserted with care by following the directions provided. The piston cannot be taken out once it has been fixed into the frame.

Step 3 – Attach the seat cushion to its support using four screws, and attach the knee pads to the knee support bar. Finally, tighten all the screws.

The manufacturer does not accept returned products if the chair has been assembled inappropriately. Though the construction of the chair is good, there have been some complaints of screws coming loose over time, which forces the user to constantly re-tighten them.


 My Review of the Jobri Standard



  • The height can be adjusted to suit an individual’s comfort.
  • The steel frame is quite durable, thus guaranteeing ability to remain intact for a long time.
  • It is fitted with castor wheels to enable mobility of the chair around your workstation.
  • It is comfortable, allowing the user to focus on work.proscons2
  • The assembly drawings and instructions are simple to understand.
  • It is light in weight and therefore portable.
  • It promotes good body posture.
  • It helps make the back and abdominal muscles stronger.
  • The design and position of the knee supports gives the user the freedom of motion.


  • The kneeling and sitting angle for the seat is not adjustable.
  • It does not have swiveling capabilities.
  • It does not take into account customer’s color preferences as it is only available in one color (black).
  • The fixings tend to become loose after a while, forcing you to constantly re-tighten them.

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