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Jobri Jazzy Review

About Jobri

Jobri is a manufacturer of several types of ergonomic and orthopedic products that range from a variety of back supports and chairs to sleeping devices. They are headquartered in Konawa, Oklahoma, a good hour outside of Oklahoma City. Jobri mainly distributes their products at wholesale to customers in the United States, Asia, South America, and Europe. Jobri recently acquired several companies which brings their product assortment to over a thousand different products. The companies now under the Jobri umbrella are Accu-Back, Mor-loco, BetterBody, Feel Good Furniture, and Bay Jacobsen. They also design and manufacture private label products for customers.
There are three faces behind the Jobri brand – cofounders Jonathan Hulme, John Biddle, and Brian Gourley. These gentlemen worked together in the marketing and medical manufacturing industry for 15 years after noticing an opportunity in the ergonomic and orthopedic products market – eventually leading to the conception of Jobri.

Jazzy Specs

Product Information

The Jazzy office chair was designed in 2009 and is a simple chair meant to help you sit up straight using good posture. When seated in the chair, your hips are naturally placed forward, which in itself promotes an upright posture position. This aligns your back, neck and shoulders and simultaneously eases any back pain or discomfort you may feel. The kneeling chair consists of a foam back rest, memory foam seat, and memory foam knee rest. This comfortable chair is designed with a steel frame, polished 5-nylon caster star base with a gas lift. The chair is available in several colors that include beige, red, black, grey, and blue.

Jazzy Chair Dimensions

The Jazzy Kneeling chair measures an overall width of 16.5”, 27” deep, and 22”-27” in height. The seat height can be adjusted to fit your needed height, hence the range in measurement. The actual seat is 16.5” wide as is the knee cushion. The cushions of the seat and knee rests contain a 1” layer of memory foam in addition to a 2” standard layer of polyurethane foam. The back rest has a 2” layer of polyurethane foam, but no memory foam. The manufacturer suggests that the weight limit on the chair be kept to under 250 lbs. The actual weight of the chair itself is 28 lbs.
The chair comes packaged in a 33 lb brown cardboard box measuring 26” in height, 27” deep, and 11” wide. Assembly is required.

Jobri Warranty Information

Jobri offers a hassle-free 5-year warranty on all chair components, excluding fabric. Fabric has a separate 2-year warranty. Included with the chair are instructions for assembly and a warranty card that must be completed and returned in order for the chair to be fully covered under warranty.

Jobri Jazzy Assembly Instructions

Jobri Jazzy Step 1Jobri includes a one page assembly instruction sheet with the chair. Be sure to carefully take an inventory of the pieces and make sure you are not short any components before starting assembly. There should be 17 different types of pieces totaling 30 parts all together. The manufacturer does not write out word for word instructions on the assembly sheet so I have summarized the steps below in case you have any difficulty with assembly or are just curious to see the assembly process before you purchase the chair.Jobri Jazzy Step 2
Step 1 Insert the 5 casters into the star shaped base. Then place the gas cylinder into the star shaped base.
Step 2 Insert the Backrest height adjustable knob and washer into the backrest post and cover. Then, screw the steel plate through the backrest post and then again through the plastic holder and into the backrest using the 2 backrest screws. (Assemble the steel plate with the “up” inside.) Place the plastic cover over the steel plate.
Step 3 Assemble the kneeling cushion with tube first. Screw the kneeling tube into the kneeling cushion using 4 of the mechanism and kneeling cushion screws. Then, secure 4 more mechanism and kneeling cushion screws through the kneeling tube into the mechanism under the seat cushion. Do not tighten screws just yet. Secure any other screws needed to attach the mechanism to the bottom of the seat cushion. After all seat screws are in place, tighten all screws one after the other. Add the seat depth adjustable knob through the mechanism and into the seat using the washers and Allen wrench provided. Slide the backrest post and cover between the mechanism and seat cushion and secure with the mechanism.

There are severalJobri Jazzy Step 3 bullet point statements that are included at the bottom of the one page sheet that you should read for preventative maintenance and to be aware of any warnings. It states:
• Use this product only for seating one person at a time.
• Do not use this chair as a step stool / ladder.
• Do not sit on any part of the chair except the seat.
• Do not use the chair on uneven floor surfaces.
• Do not use the chair unless all bolts, screws, and knobs are tight. At least every six months, check all bolts, screws and knobs to be sure they are tight.
• If any parts are missing, broken, damaged or worn, stop use of the product until repairs are made using factory authorized parts.
• Dispose of packaging properly. Plastic bag is not a toy. Do not use plastic bag as head covering – it may cause suffocation.
• Failure to follow these warnings could result in serious injury.

User Reviews

There are many great user reviews online for this chair. The most repetitive reviews being seen are that the chair is very adjustable and the quality is exceptional. It’s great to see a manufacturer keep the consumer in mind when it comes to adjusting the height of your chair to accommodate you at your desk. Other popular kneeling chairs on the market are not adjustable and can be a turn-off to the end consumer. It’s also valuable to the customer to be well constructed and built. Many users rave at how sturdy the chair is – no one wants a flimsy chair without support. This office knee chair definitely gets a high rating for being comfortable, affordable, and functional.

My personal review

I am in the process of personally testing and review this particular chair style. After repetitive use, I will document and publish my personal experience with the chair, assembly, adjustability, functionality, ergonomics and comfort. Please check back to see my professional opinion of this chair in the coming weeks.


This chair is appropriately priced at $399.99. When compared to other styles of ergonomic chairs, this seems to be realistically priced. You won’t find any additional upgrades on this product. There are a limited amount of colors to choose from, however there is no up charge on color. This is an added bonus, especially when other competing styles have up charges for designer colors. In the grand scheme of things, purchasing this style for the price is a great value overall and is worth every penny when it comes to using good posture and the natural relief of back pain.


There are two components that are adjustable on this chair: the height of the seat and the headrest. The chair height can be adjusted to fit your needs in your workspace and ranges from 22”-27”. The headrest can also be adjusted which is really convenient. The head rest height can be adjusted and the depth of the head rest can also be moved. This will enable to keep good posture and keep the curvature of your back properly aligned and free from strain.

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