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Varier Gravity Balans Chair Review

The Varier Gravity Balans is designed to ensure that your short nap in your working chair becomes a rejuvenating rest. The short period that you spend on it can be as relaxing as if you are lying comfortably in your bed. Having your legs elevated over your heart level gives you the feeling of being rocked. When you have the chair totally reclined, the Gravity Balans tends to match the rhythm of your breathing while you are in sleeping mode. Here are some of the most pronounced specs:

Weightless Relaxation

All you have to do is fully recline the chair until it reaches zero gravity, and then you become weightless so rhythmic breathing is then compatible with the rocking chair. As a result, your relaxing break will be served in purpose. Chair rocking has therapeutic benefits, so you can be assured that you are as relaxed as if you have been in a deep sleep.

Instant Cradle

The design of the chair is made with a back rest and an adjustable neck rest, which both support the upper body and you need not arrange your head for comfort as it would be perfectly cradled according to the way the furniture was ergonomically designed before manufacturing.

Neutral Spine

When you are seated upright, the chair Varier - Gravity Balans Kneeling Chairtilts your pelvis forward, getting you the proper posture essential for keeping up with a relaxed spine and an upright back. This is the condition when your spine is neutral or aligned. As a result, no strain or pressure is applied anywhere in your upper body.
The chair was designed for the purpose of total relaxation. When you are engaged in a very busy lifestyle and you can barely get your needed rest, this will be a perfect chair option for you.

All About Varier

Varier dominates the ergonomic seating industry and strives to provide enhanced physical health. The company, which is based in Oslo, Norway, is the main distributor of movement chairs which are all made to make movement and sitting at work for the better. The man behind these Varier furniture pieces is Norwegian designer, Peter Opsvik.
Inspired by the first ever Variable Balans, he later designed the kneeling chair called Gravity Balans, which is referenced for users to maintain movement while still sitting. These models inspired him in creating unique designs and eventually pioneer the active sitting scenarios. Since 2006 when the company was founded independently from the original Stokke Company, the trends for this type of chair continued to rise.

Varier Gravity Balans Functions

If you think that the Varier Gravity Balans is all about reclining, you are greatly mistaken. This unique design offers a good deal of varied seating positions, which in every way supports the body all throughout the duration of time that you are in the chair. A summary of chair functions are below:
1. Upright Position
In the event you want to sit at your desk to complete a task and do not want the zero gravity position at that time, simply lean forward and resume an upright sitting position. You can switch from a typical seating stance to a zero gravity position as you desire.

2. Forward Tilt
When you are engrossed in computer work, a table task, or a writing activity, the kneeling pads of this chair will give you comfort. This typical kneeling position is available in all Varier furniture designs.pros

3. Back Tilt
When you want to take a quick cat nap, you can simply tilt back the chair and you will be left with the option to let your feet down as it does when you sit upright or you can raise it up to the comfort level that would suit you.

4. Fully Reclined
When you set the chair in a total reclining position, this is most likely the time that you intend to get some essential sleep. If this is so, the Gravity Balans will give you the total cradle support so your body will achieve the ultimate comfort and rest you need.
When pressed for time due to varying engagements – work or study, rest becomes a luxury. Busy days are no longer a challenge when you have the proper rest. As long as you have the right chair in your workplace or study lab, you are good to go.

Varier Gravity Balans Features

Resting or taking a nap is essential among human beings; some professionals work and perform best when they sleep in shorter periods. 20 to 30 minutes of nap time after a stressful task at hand is highly recommended according to the National Sleep Foundation, as this can be equivalent to reviving alertness. This is one of the ideas that must have been in the mind of Varier designer Peter Opsvik. Specific to Varier Gravity Balans, here are some of its pronounced features.

Open Leg Design

The ease of movement while seated is something that can be difficult to achieve when you have a conventional working chair. This ergonomic chair on the other hand, features an open leg design so you develop an undisturbed breathing pattern as your breathing channels are aligned and without obstruction.

Adjustable Head Cushions

The head rest and neck rest are all designed to cradle the head while the shoulders are fully supported too. Your arms are supported as well, ideally positioned due to the armrest design that reaches through the lower chair support, which enables you to lay your arms down.

Varied Positions

To ensure that the motion is in place, the chair is well designed so it can address your body needs to switch positions every now and then. This is the type of chair that does not limit your movement from forward or backward positions as you can have it in full recline mode in one minute yet treated like a traditional chair where you sit upright the next minute.

Relaxation Chairhand crafted

The Varier Gravity Balans will quickly give you a new perspective on relaxation at work. There is no need for tension and stress on the job, when you can take a few minutes of your time and relax in the Gravity Balans chair.


Only skilled artisans based at the Norwegian headquarters are commissioned to handcraft the chair so the concept is achieved the way it should be.

Customized Fabric

Customers can personalize the chair and choose from a wide variety of fabrics, upholstery colors, and wood finishes. This is a nice feature because you can match the chair to your current office décor.


Considering the careful selection of wood components, and quality control, this chair is extremely durable. These chairs are designed to last longer than any other ergonomic chair in the market, in addition to being covered by a warranty.

Environmentally Friendly

Contrary to the typical environmental concerns raised about woods used in manufacturing furniture, this one is surely the most eco-friendly. Wood components used in making these chairs have all passed the necessary approval and certification, plus the woods used are all sourced from sustainable forests.eco friendly

The Varier Gravity Balans Kneeling Chair was inspired by the original Varier Balans idea. This is made to complement your body needs in terms of comfort and this encourages you to be in constant motion while seated. Users tend to have an automatic balance with equivalent body support depending on the weight, the desired posture, and individual concept of comfort. This chair is sure to improve your circulation and reduce your chances of strains and fatigue.

Varier Gravity Balans Pricing

Pricing of Varier Gravity Balans may vary, but this is sold by the manufacturer for $2,795.00. This may include a soft tape option, in case you would prefer using this on harder floors such as rough tiles or hardwood. The tape is an additional $45.00 but this is an add-on feature.

Varier Gravity Balans Pros and Cons

Regardless of the fact that this chair was ideally made for comfort and health reasons, my list of advantages and disadvantages is as follows:


Gamer Friendly

Whether you are playing X-Box or anything of similar addiction, your back and knees are in good hands with the ergonomic benefits of this seat. This is why this is tagged as the friendliest chair among gamers.

Power Nap BuddyPros and Cons

Given that you love working and don’t have much time for a break, this reclining ergonomic chair is the perfect fit. Taking a power nap to regain your mental and physical strength spent at work is easily achieved with this model.

Recliner for All Ages

Yes, older users will love this, but you should know that this is actually designed to suit the physical health needs of users of all ages.

Versatile Chair

What else do you call a chair which easily converts from a chair to a divan? The best description of this chair is “versatile”. When you have such furniture at home or in the office, you can simply just do anything related to comfort and relaxation when you are on it.

Full Body Accommodation

swatchWhile a conventional chair can support your buttocks and part of your lower back, this chair can ultimately support your full body as if you are being cradled. That is why the name Gravity Balans was given, as it will appropriately accommodate your body.

Customized Options

Having the freedom to choose the base color, the fabric type, the upholstery, and the wooden component is something you cannot simply have with other conventional chairs – this is a great feature!

Total Relaxation

Worrying about your health due to your very busy schedule at work can be resolved simply by having this type of furniture in the workplace. You can totally relax in between meetings and a busy schedule.



The furniture can be difficult to hand carry, considering its size.

Limited Base Options

There are only 2 base options available for this specific Varier design. You can have it in Natural Lacquered or Black Stained. The upholstery color options can vary.


This type of chair can be hard to find and often times requires a special order. Only limited numbers are produced and include a commemorative seal.
Prior to purchasing furniture, it is important to understand the pros and cons so you do not end up regretting your purchase. I would suggest that you consider the price, the ergonomic rating, the comfort level, durability, and adjustability of your purchase.

Varier Gravity Balans Warranty Informationwarranty

Varier takes pride in attending to customers’ needs even after they have purchased a Varier product. Varier offers the following warranty:
• 7 Years Guarantee – for wooden parts

• 5 Years Guarantee – for mechanisms
• 3 Years Guarantee – for foam and upholstery
The warranty applies to damages and defects which are considered fabrication faults. Normal wear and tear, obvious user negligence, and similar scenarios are not covered by the warranty. Also, every customer is advised to register their purchase at Varier’s product database for tracking purposes.

Questions or Comments?

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