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Varier Wing Balans Chair Review

Chair Basics

The Varier Wing Balans chair is a kneeling chair that promotes active sitting with its unique design that combines swivel and tilt functions on wheels.  Varier markets the Wing Balans as a chair that keeps your spine upright while balancing your body all at the same time.  When you sit in an upright position, you are unknowingly strengthening your core muscles and preventing any tension you may have in your shoulders and neck.  The angle of the tilted seat and gentle knee cushion both promote easy breathing.  The Wing Balans is a great seating option for users who frequently come and go from their work space, bend down frequently to open drawers, or have a large reach area when seated.  This chair is very ergonomic and serves the purpose as a mobile friendly work chair.


The Wing Balans measures 22” wide,  22” deep and  20-28” tall.  The height of the chair is adjustable hence the range in numbers.  The actual seat height ranges from 19”-27”.  The knee height is adjustable and measures between 20”-23” with respect to the height of the seat.  The knee rest height cannot be adjusted without adjusting the height of the seat – it moves up or down with the movement of the seat.

About Varier

The Wing Balans is manufactured by Varier, a Norwegian company located in Oslo, Norway.  The chair was designed by Peter Opsvik, an ergonomic designer who has been innovating sitting options since 1979.  Varier itself was founded in 2006 from a group of people rooting from the Norwegian company, Stokke.

Varier recently published that roughly 90% of their company sales are made outside of their home country of Norway.  Their products can be found in more than 40 countries with close knit distributors in the United States, South Korea, and Japan.  The company’s core values are to work with leading designers to achieve the best seating experience possible while staying true to their unique movement philosophy.

The manufacturer feels very strongly about protecting nature so they set extremely high product and material standards when designing their high quality items.  Fabrics on the Wing Balans are produced by EU Ecolabel-certified manufacturers.

The EU Ecolabel is an identifier that ensures that the product has been designed and manufactured in a way that reduces the environmental impact of the production process.  This label, which is completely voluntary, is recognized throughout Europe and promotes environmental excellence. In addition, Varier products are certified and tested for safety, strength, and durability at a state of the art furniture laboratory in Norway.

Chair Ergonomics

It’s obvious that the human body was made to move.  Varier designs their products to compliment the human body – its shape and its ability to move.  The manufacturer understands the importance of movability in the workplace and therefore designs chairs to promote movement in an environment.  You have the freedom to turn, twist, tilt, bend, pivot, and move effortlessly while maintaining good posture and overall wellbeing.  The Wing Balans is designed to promote movement while keeping the abdominal muscles and back alert and active constantly.

User Reviews

There are several reviews that you see over and over again on this chair:

  • Comfortability
  • Functionality
  • Pain Reliever

Many people love this chair in lab and research settings.  It’s extremely comfortable if you are sitting in place for long periods of time.  The chair is also very functional for moving around a small office environment and you are always on the go and moving back and forth from station to station in a space.  Most users also rave about the healing/relieving properties of the chair overall.  The knee cushion gives great support and comfort, and the general design of the chair promotes good posture resulting in actually relieving any tension or lower back pain you may be feeling.

My Personal Experience

I am currently using the Wing Balans and am compiling my professional opinion and review during this time.  I will be posting a detailed review of the Varier Wing Balans in the coming weeks.

The price

The cost of the Wing Balans is suggested by the manufacturer to retail at $625.  However, you can shop around online and find several prices that range from $549-$660.  Shipping is usually additional.  This specific chair seems to be on the higher end range for an office kneeling chair, however always remember that you get what you pay for.  Varier is known for its attention to ergonomic detail, design, and environmentally friendly sourcing, so the price can absolutely be justified by many.


Custom Colors

There are several color options available for this chair.  In most cases, you can choose from more than 15 basic color options including but not limited to red, white, black, grey, latte, midnight navy and olive green.  In addition, you can choose higher end upholstery like leather for an additional charge.  The leather options tend to range from $275 in additional cost.  Certain color option upgrades can range from $50-$200.  When special ordering a custom color, keep in mind that manufacturing lead times can take up to 10-14 weeks.


Varier offers a great extended warranty on their products.  First and foremost, you must register your product in order for the warranty to be redeemed.  It’s just a few quick and easy steps after your purchase, so make sure you complete that registration so it doesn’t nip you in the tail later if you need to use it.  It’s best to keep a copy of your receipt so you can use that as your proof of purchase when you go to use the warranty.  The warranty is limited, meaning it only covers manufacturer defects.  It does not cover the normal wear and tear of the chair, misuse or intentional damage, or overexposure to the sun.  If you are a registered consumer and need to take advantage of their warranty for any reason, you will have the following covered:

  • 7 years to replace fabric problems on wooden base parts
  • 5 years to replace fabric problems on metal mechanism base parts
  • 3 years to replace foam damage or upholstery damage


Questions or Comments?

Do you currently own the Varier Wing Balans and have a question or comment about the products?  If so, please use the box below to reach out.


We love to hear your feedback!  Please let me know how I can improve my person reviews and product information.  Please leave a comment below.

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